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How's this for a great idea? Campbell Soup will soon come in K-cups. So the same machine that cranks out your coffee will now give you hot soup. 

Look for three varieties early next year.


Is that a great idea, or will it be another big brand flop? Not every idea large companies crank out gets a warm reception. Here are five big-brand flops:

5  3-D Doritos - Chips in a variety of flavors that were yanked off the shelves within a couple years

4  Hershey's Swoops - From 2003, Swoops were slices of chocolate that were shaped like Pringles. They lasted three years

3  Crystal Pepsi - The folks they tested this stuff on loved it, but when they rolled it out in 1992, it was a huge dud. The clear version was yanked off the shelves a year later. Remember the song they used in the commercial? Watch

2  Hula Burger - McDonalds replaced the patty with a slice of pineapple in 1962. Fail.

1  Life Savers Soda - A carbonated beverage that tasted like candy. Even the can looked like a pack of lifesavers. It never made it out of the 1980's.