From, these are the best and worst smelling man candles of all time (all real, by the way)

The Worst

  • The fart candle -- yes, it's a gag gift, but save your money and buy him a bean burrito from Taco Bell... you'll achieve the same result
  • The Stripper candle -- of course, it's a lot cheaper than the real thing
  • Gasoline -- There's something that would stress me out about this candle
  • Urinal Cake -- because who hasn't stood at a urinal and thought, "this would smell nice over a bottle of wine tonight"
  • The Hippie Candle -- I'm not sure what a hippie smells like, but I'm sure it's worse than this
  • Leather

Now the best 

  • Sizzling bacon
  • Camp fire
  • Pizza
  • Fresh cut grass
  • Beer
  • Yankee Candle First Down
  • Roast in the oven
  • Sawdust