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Each year Forbes calculates the net worth of the wealthiest characters from novels, movies, television and games, constructing portfolios based on those stories, and valuing them using real-world commodity and share prices. This time around, the aggregate net worth of the Fictional 15 climbed 3% to $215.8 billion. 

Scrooge McDuck
Worth: $65.4 billion

Source: mining, treasure hunting
Residence: Duckberg, Calisota
You know him from... 'Uncle Scrooge'

Worth: $54.1 billion
Source: Marauding
Residence: The Lonely Mountain
You know him from... 'The Hobbit'

Carlisle Cullen
Worth: $46 billion

Source: Compound interest, investments
Residence: Forks, Washington
You know him from... 'Twilight' 

Tony Stark
Worth: $12.4 billion

Source: Defense
Residence: Malibu, California
You know him from... 'Iron Man'

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