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An airline is offering a deep fear held by many passengers -- the fear of being anywhere close to a baby on an airplane. For an extra fee, Scoot Airlines out of Singapore, will seat you in their Scoot-in-Silence cabin for peace and privacy. The cabin excludes passengers under 12. 

Of course, are kids really the most annoying passengers on an airplane? Um, no. I'd rather fly with a three year old next to me than:

  • A group of guys away from their wives heading to Vegas. They're intoxicated before getting to the gate.
  • The tall guy that reclines his seat in front of you so your mouth is an inch from the top of his head
  • The guy that decided to bring his onion-filled sub on the flight and eat right next to you
  • The woman you just met who you regret saying hello to because she hasn't stopped talking since
  • The old guy who fell asleep on your shoulder and proceeds to snore as loud as a chainsaw.

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