Retail crime costs $30 billion a year, and here are a few of the more surprising things that get lifted...

1.  The Bible.  You can get it free at most places of worship, yet experts say it's the most commonly stolen book.  

2.  Pregnancy tests.  1) Easy to steal 2) They're pricey 3) Some hate paying for something they're only going to use once

3.  Nutella.  Students at Columbia University were stealing up to 100 pounds a day of Nutella when it first appeared in dining halls.  

4.  Hair extensions.  Top of the line hair extensions cost up to $1,000 per pack.  

5.  High-end vacuum cleaners.  Vacuums aren't as tiny as they used to be.  They now come in smaller boxes making them easier to steal.

6.  Energy drinks.  It seems the more advertising that goes into a product, the more valuable it becomes.  Energy drinks get a lot of advertising... and thieves can resell them quickly.  

7.  Tide.  Thieves make big bucks selling stolen detergent back to stores significantly cheaper than Tide's maker.  How they stole giant orange boxes I'll never know.