Here they are guys... most you already know... add any more in the comments below:

1. She’s a list person. Because isn't it much better to write down everything that needs to get done instead of keeping it all in your head?

2. She has to do all the dishes before she goes to bed. Who wants to wake up to a dirty kitchen?

3. She gets dressed up to go out to dinner. Even if it's at the local watering hole. Because if you look good, you feel good.

4. She has a side of the bed. And she's been sleeping on it since she was a kid. Don't even try to get her to switch.

5. She has a lot of shoes. Or necklaces or purses. Whatever it is, women are collectors. 

6. She doesn’t want you to comment when she gains weight -- just when she’s lost it.

7. She's a planner because there's always something to do. Laundry, bills, grocery shopping. If you want her company three weeks from yesterday, you need to ask her in advance.

8. Being on time is the rule not the exception. If you're late, it shows her that you don't respect her time.

9. Women pass gas. Yes, they do. It's one of the bodily functions they share with the rest of humanity.

10. When they say no, they mean no. By trying to change their minds, you make 'em plant their feet deeper in to the ground. And get mad.