I highlighted the ones I found most interesting!  Here ya go kids, what your parents won't tell you!

1.) Don't expect a big inheritance

2.) Thanks to medicine and our extended lives, they're going to be living with you when they're really old

3.) They're mad that they spent so much money on your college education

4.) They can't face reality. They think they'll be forever young and won't get sick. They also think they're ready financially for retirement. 

5.) There's a good chance they'll break up. The divorce rate for the 50-plus crowd has doubled in the last 20 years.

6.) They're unhappy. Of all the age groups, boomers are the least happy. Their expectations were huge, and not everyone got what he or she wanted.

7.) They're going to get really fat.Boomers are fatter than their parent's generation -- 40% are obese.

8.) They're ready to party.Boomers are still into drugs and alcohol, way more than their parent's generation.The number of people 50-plus that checked themselves into rehab increased 136% over the last 10 years. 

9.) They're leaving you with huge debt. As more boomers receive social security and medicare, our $16 trillion in national debt will significantly increase.

10.) They're obsessed with not aging. Wrinkle creams and moisturizers are expected to top $5-billion this year and increase 7.5% each year through 2018.