The sun is coming up on Tim McGraw’s new album Sundown Heaven Town.

The country superstar has revealed the album’s fresh cover art on Facebook and announced the 13-song track listing.

“This album is very encompassing of everything that I’ve done in my career,” Tim says. “I think it’s a good microcosm of what my 20 or so years in music have been, in a lot of ways. You can certainly hear parts of my career throughout all of these songs, as well as the future and where my music is headed.”

The deluxe version of Sundown Heaven Town features an additional five songs.

“I feel like I’ve got a lot of music in me and that’s part of the reason why this album is so soon after the last one,” he adds, “and why I wanted to start sharing it with everyone as soon as I could.”

See the full track listing below.




1. Overrated 
2. City Lights
3. Shotgun Rider 
4. Dust 
5. Diamond Rings and Old Barstools (with Catherine Dunn)
6. Words Are Medicine 
7. Sick Of Me 
8. Meanwhile Back At Mama’s (featuring Faith Hill)
9. Keep On Truckin’ 
10. Last Turn Home
11. Portland, Maine 
12. Lookin’ For That Girl  
13. Still On The Line 

14. Kids Today
15. Lincoln Continentals and Cadillacs (duet with Kid Rock)
16. The View
17. I'm Feelin' You
18. Black Jacket