Jon Stewart launched a hilarious mock kickstarter campaign to buy out CNN for a whopping $10 billion.

The antic started as an act on the Daily Show Tuesday night and addressed reports that Rubert Murdoch, 21st Century FOX CEO, placed a bid to buy Time Warner for - get this - $80 billion.

In his sketch, the 51-year-old comedian asked viewers to donate to (which is actually a website now).

You can’t actually donate on the site, but John pretended that there are “very attractive rewards” for each donation.

“For example, $10,000 lands you in a signature CNN mass shooting coverage six box” and “for $25,000 you get to take molly with Fareed Zakaria.”

He continued making fun of CNN’s news coverage.

“For 5 million, CNN will air a 24-hour, two-week hunt for your lost car keys,” he joked.

Although Tim Warner turned down Rubert’s offer, insiders say he will keep trying to buy the network.