Jason Aldean is “Burnin’ It Down” and breaking records in the process.

The country megastar earned the most adds of his career at radio with his new single, which sold more than 180,000 digital downloads in its first week out.

“‘Burnin’ It Down’ is a cool single to help launch the album,” Jason exclusively tells Cody. “It does sound different. It doesn’t sound like anything else that’s out there on the radio right now, which is cool.”

Jason adds the different sound shouldn’t scare his hardcore fans who expect him to sing the kind of music he’s always released.

“I think anybody that’s listening to our albums over the years hopefully has realize on every album there’s always a couple of songs that we sort of branch out on a little bit,” he says. “Ultimately, the core of the album is going to be our thing that’s got us to this point.”

Hear Cody’s full interview with Jason posted above.