So even if you were living under a rock last night and weren’t tune into the Scandal finale, I’m sure some way you heard KING BEY released new music!!!  I first learned the news via the Tuff Magazine Instagram account.  I went to iTunes and did not see it.  I said “What a dirty joke to play!”  But ladies and gentlemen Christmas has come early!  Beyoncé’s new album came out last night and it has 17 videos and 14 Tracks.  All I can say is this woman is amazing and so is her marketing team.  Beyoncé is letting herself go on this album.  The project reveals a side of her we haven’t seen before.  Let’s just say Mrs. Carter is a very Very VERY HAPPILY MARRIED woman.  Shout out to Mr. Carter who makes an appearance on the album.  

The album is definitely fun and for the "grown up", but Beyoncé also includes songs that have a heart felt meaning.  The song "Pretty Hurts" is a sincere ballot about not getting caught up in your outer appearance and focusing on your soul.  I don’t want to give too much away because this is something you truly need to experience yourself.  It is currently only offered on iTunes.  Join the conversation by leaving a comment below or hitting me up on twitter.  Use the hashtag #Beyonce and #WHEW.  After I listen to each song all I can say is *whew* LOL.