The revolutionary digital experience, Google Fiber could be on its way to the Triangle. Checkout my interview with #FIBEREDUP Documentary Producer, Arik Abel.

#FIBEREDUP the movie

May 1st
CAM Raleigh | 409 W. Martin St, Raleigh NC 27603
7:00pm to 10:00pm

#FIBEREDUP the Movie is a Triangle-focused YouTube-generation documentary - a mash-up of journalism, social media, viral videos and locally produced footage from GoPros, Drones and mobile devices. But why?

When Google Fiber announced that Raleigh and 6 other cities in the Triangle were candidates for receiving their lightning fast gigabit internet offering, a group of local entrepreneurs, city officials, artists and local businesses joined forces to show Google exactly what the community is made of.

The CAM Raleigh Premiere is the first public showing of the #FIBEREDUP the Movie, which was spearheaded by Raleigh-based startup Everest Live and is being submitted to Google Fiber by the City of Raleigh.

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