Ladies and gentlemen we have another very special Clear Channel Entertainment Exclusive.  D.C. Hip Hop Artist, Yusha Assad is an artist you should know and will know.  Born Joshua Blackwell in North Carolina, Yusha’s talent is unavoidable.  When I listened to “With Great Care” for the first time, I immediately began to bob my head.  As Yusha’s words hit my ears, my mind was captivated by his message.  The music inspired me.  Yusha’s lyrics made a direct connection to my aspirations to use my talents to better my community.  How many artists motivate you to make the best use of your resources, so that not only you but your entire team achieves greatness?  The allegorical essence of Yusha’s work is reminiscent of Hip Hop Legends Talib Kweli, Common, and Nas.  Yusha Assad the Hip Hop Artist, the singer, the educator is on the verge of breaking down mental barriers and stimulating a movement that is needed in today’s society.  The first step to be a part of this revolution is simply push PLAY.