To continue my series on Homecoming Fashion I went to the super hero of information, Google.  I searched for “chic, classy, clothing” and found G-Stage in my search results.  Their Google Ad stated, “Trendsetting new styles in daily!”  This fashion retailer based in Los Angeles, CA lives up to its tagline. 


I love fashion, but I am a very simplistic girl.  I look for clothing that accentuates my body.  I love trends but if it doesn’t fit my personal style, I don’t force it.  I really like G-Stage because they offer attractive clothing that can be worn day and night.  The clothing is sexy but it’s not over the top.  The pieces have the peek-a-boo effect I like. 

The retailer features juniors and plus sizes.  If you are size 2 – 14, you want to stick with the junior sizes.  All of the voluptuous ladies 14 and up will be in the plus section.  I wear a 12-14 and feel more comfortable buying from the plus section.  I would rather buy something that can be tailored, than something that is too small. 

G-Stage offers all the essentials you would need to get you through homecoming weekend.  If you peruse the website you will find acid denim, leggings, crop tops, jumpsuits, pencil skirts, cardigans, bodycon dresses, and trousers.  I love the trouser and tee combination right now and will be modeling it soon.  Check out this “What to Wear” ensemble featured on the Fashion Bomb Daily. 

The most amazing thing about G-Stage is their affordable prices.  I didn’t see anything on the site over $40.  Homecoming can be an expensive with travel, game tickets, day and night parties, and eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And ladies how could I forget the cost of our hair, nails, and makeup.  I strongly advise you to take a look at G-Stage before you stroll the aisles of Express, Marshalls, Forver 21, and H&M.  Check out my favorite junior and plus size items below.


Tribal Print Draped Cardigan

Solid Criss-Cross Leggings

Plus Size

Tiger Print Woven Top

Asymmetrical Cutout Bodycon Skirt

I hope this post was helpful in your Homecoming attire search.  Stay tuned for more retailer and designer reviews in my Homecoming series.  And fellas I have something coming for you soon.