Are you tired of going to the gym, getting off the treadmill, and then thinking to yourself, "What do I do next?"  Have you gone to the gym every day for the past three months and still do not see results?     When you work out you desire to better your health, increase your physical fitness, and see a visible transformation.  Orangetheory Fitness Morrisville is the unique fitness community that will provide you with a dynamic full body workout. 

Orangetheory is taking over the Triangle, with a workout program based off of scientific research.  If one of your goals for 2014 is to lose weight or run a marathon, Orangetheory is where you need to be.  Learn all about their amazing three-component interval training in my interview with Orangetheory Morrisville Owner, Kristie Shifflette. 


BRI:  Tell me about Orangetheory and its three components?

Kristie:  So Orangetheory is one of a kind group personal training workout.  It is broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training.  Every time you come you’re getting a total body workout.  And that means you’re getting endurance, strength, and power training all in the one hour.  Those are really the three components that are incorporated into every single Orangetheory workout, which is really important, because unless you have all three of those pieces, you’re not going to be able to affectively change your metabolism.  So it’s the endurance, strength, and power training combined that really helps clients achieve their fitness goals more quickly, because they gotten a very affective one hour workout. 

BRI:  That’s very interesting

Kristie:  It is.  With Orangetheory Fitness you also are combining fitness, science, and technology.  We’re bringing the science of heart rate base training and the technology of heart rate monitors to the actual workout itself.  Each Orangetheory participant wears a heart monitor as they go through the interval training and short burst exercise, which are designed to maximize the “orange” effect, which adds extra caloric burn for up to 36 hours after the workout.  

BRI:  What sets Orangetheory apart from other fitness facilities?

Kristie:  Well there are a few things.  Number one is the science.  I cannot emphasize enough; this is a workout that’s backed by science.   If you get your heart rate up to your fourth heart rate zone, or in other words 84% or greater of your max heart rate, for just 12 to 20 minutes inside the 60 minute workout, not only are you burning the most calories during that one hour, but your body goes into EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, which is just a fancy way of saying after burn.  So your metabolism has to speed up, in order to replace all that lost oxygen.  36 hours after your workout, you’re burning calories at a rate higher than you would have otherwise. That’s one thing that sets us apart.   Number two, is the size of our studio.  We are not a big box gym.  Members who come here are paying for results.  They’re not paying for access to a gym that they may or may not use or that they may or may not use effectively.  They’re coming here to a place where we know them by name and we know what they’re fitness goals are.  We are building a tight knit community.  We hold our members accountable.  It’s a family that we are building here at our Orangetheory Fitness Morrisville location.  So those are two things that set us apart and thirdly I would have to say our staff.  We have a really high caliber group consisting of fitness staff, sales associates, and a management team.  A great group of people who enjoy what they do and are here because they care about our members and guests achieving their fitness goals.    

BRI:  When someone visits Orangetheory for the first time, what can they expect? 

Kristie:  They can expect a challenging, but fun and motivating workout.  For your first class you are going to learn some new terms.  You will experience some new exercises and a totally new product.  The first experience can be a lot… a lot of fun and a lot of energy.  They can expect to have one of the best workouts they’ve ever experienced.  They will leave burning more calories than they ever had in one hour.  And they will also leave feeling this after burn, where they are physically warmer and burning more calories.  Another thing about your first visit is have patience.  Go at your own pace and pay attention to the coach’s instructions and you’re in great shape. 


My experience with Orangetheory was challenging and amazing.  The combination of my Fitness Coach and the high energy music kept me pumped!  It was unlike anything I have experienced.  It felt like I was on team and we were on the field for practice, preparing for a big game.  Being able to maintain your pace and have strong mental focus are keys for this workout.  You want to do each workout to the best of your ability, to receive the all the benefits.  Each participant’s heart rate zone is displayed on two large screens throughout the class.  Get in the ORANGE!  After each fitness session you will receive a training summary via email that includes calories burned and your average and maximum heart rate.  How many facilities give you this added bonus?  The training summary allows you to track your progress, as you grow stronger and increase your endurance.      

One hour and you’ve worked your entire body.  I don’t know about you but 60 minutes is the maximum time I have to spend in the gym each day.  If you want to get a total body workout that not only guarantees results, but also works with your schedule, you must give Orangetheory a try.  Call (919) 883-9469 right now to schedule your FREE class!  I would love it if you shared your first Orantheory experience with me.  Leave a comment below or connect with me on Twitter.   


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