It’s Scandal time!  I know all my Scandalites are very anxious for tonight’s premiere.  As we sit on the edge of our seats, we watch Olivia Pope’s interactions with the White House.  Many may not know that the woman behind Olivia’s mask, Kerry Washington serves the White House in real life, as a member of President Obama’s Arts and Humanities Committee.  Washington is featured in Variety Magazine’s Power of Women Issue.  I admire Washington so much for her work in the community.  She gives more than just her money.  Washington goes into schools and communities to make face to face connections that touch the heart.  Allowing someone to see your face and witness your commitment to their success can be the push they need to strive for more.  Be sure to read the Variety article and I will meet you all tonight on Twitter for the Scandal discussion…during commercial breaks only (lol).  Make it a GREAT day!