I discovered Fifth and Mercer today during my once every ten minutes Instagram scroll.  I am very pleased with Lala's work.  The pieces are very chic and sexy.  My favorite is the sleeveless jump suit.  I give Lala's creative skills two snaps but her prices make me do the eye roll.  I love re-creating expensive looks through thrifting and clearance shopping, however I long for the day that a celebrity makes a clothing line that is actually affordable.  I wish for something similar to Sarah Jessica Parker's old line "Bitten" sold at Steve and Barry's.  Do you remember?  Everything was less than $20.  Oh how I miss those days #TBT. 


Check out Fith and Mercer below.  If you see any stores or online retailers that are offering these looks for less, be sure to leave a comment or hit me up on twitter.  Happy Friday Eve!