Dr. Dion Terry is a phenomenal woman, who is passionate about providing a platform for women.  We had a very honest conversation about today’s single African American woman.  I talk about living the single life on a daily basis, but this conversation was like no other.  There is a lot more to the generalization of why black women are single than meets the eye.  Open your ears and prepare your mind to be exposed to some very real and enlightening commentary.  Dr. Terry, thank you for sharing your story.  If you would like to join the conversation feel free to post a comment below.

Dr. Dion Terry



Dr. Dion Terry currently serves as the Senior Policy Analyst in the office of Governor Pat McCrory.Dion advises the Governor on policies and programs related to health, revenue and workforce development.Prior to this appointment, she served as the Executive Director of the Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County.She received her Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration from North Carolina State University, her M.P.A. from North Carolina Central University, and her B.A. in Political Science from UNC Chapel Hill.

Dr. Terry is a licensed minister and is the founder of The Power to Become Ministries (www.thepower2become.org) which was established to empower women and families.  She is the mother of one daughter, Sara, who is a student at UNC Pembroke. 


Background Info: 

Dr. Terry is currently conducting research on the personal, professional and relational experiences of single, Black women.  This research endeavor considers the role of single, Black women in larger societal institutions, such as workplaces, churches, educational institutions and families.  This research project builds on her doctoral research which considered the experiences of Black women senior leaders in community and technical colleges. 


If you would like to participate in the research study contact Dr. Terry at thepower2become@gmail.com or 440-8-PWR2BE.