Before I arrived at Gregoria’s Cuban Steakhouse, I honestly had no expectations other than having some great conversation while enjoying good food.  When I pulled into the parking lot the first thing I noticed was architecture of the restaurant.  The structure stood out amongst its neighbors, very unique and reminiscent of the diverse architecture in Havana, Cuba. 

After crossing the threshold of the restaurant, I immediately noticed the beautiful layout and décor.  Gregoria’s is an amazing space with seating for over 200 guests.  There is a private room that reflects the true meaning of intimate dining.  You and your guests can enjoy an entry way that can be completely closed off from the remainder of the restaurant.  There is also a private entrance for your wait staff.  The large patio area is perfect for enjoying the warm weather and a delicious glass of Gregoria’s Sangria.

“If I closed my eyes and opened them, I wouldn’t think I was in Durham.” – Kelli Cheatham , In our Backyard NC Blogger, Raleigh, NC

First Course - Calamares Fritos


After the tour of the restaurant, my sorority sister Kelli and I began the second course of our meal.  It was apparent that each dish was handcrafted with precise skill and care.  My meal for lack of a better word was AMAZING.  The flank steak, roasted veggies, rice, and black beans reminded me of meals prepared by my grandmother who lives in Georgetown, SC.  It was apparent this dish was made with fresh ingredients, skill, and love.  My assumptions were confirmed when Chef Mic shared with us he simply makes the food that was made for him growing up. 

Placido’s Camarones al Ajillo

Ropa Vieja


Kelli pointed out that the salt and pepper were absent from the table.  When we inquired to Michael Edwards, the General Manager he shared with us that they have the seasonings available but they are confident in the flavors they create in the kitchen.  It’s a very bold statement backed by fact.  The proof is the taste. 

“I think Gregoria’s has a really interesting concept and very eclectic food.  I don’t eat lamb but their lamb burger was amazing.” – Frankie Shaw, Raleigh, NC

Our plates were completely bare when the waiter Josh came to clear our table.  “I’m guessing you liked the food?” he asked.  For some reason I was slightly embarrassed when I realized there was absolutely nothing left on my plate, but hey the Ropa Vieja was too good to go inside a take-out box.

Blood Orange Sorbet

Chef Mic surprised us with his Blood Orange Sorbet to cleanse our palate before we partook in the final course of our meal. Garnished with a little local honey and sea salt, the sorbet was bold and full of flavor.  Chef Mic left his home in New York to come to Durham to bring you Gregoria’s authentic and exciting menu.  He let us in on something he has planned for summer.  I won’t give you all the details but he stated, “It’s going to be drop dead sexy.”  Who knew talking about food could make you fan your face?  Whew….Don‘t miss out on the fun!

The desserts were our final step out of reality and into food heaven.  The Tres Leches cake which means “three milks cake” was blissful.  This Central and South American favorite is something you must try when you visit Gregoria’s.  If you want to stay close to home the Molten Chocolate Cake is an excellent choice.  It’s served warm, drizzled with strawberry & chocolate sauce, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  It was really enjoyable because you could take your time and savor the dish without it turning into cake and ice cream lava, typically seen at restaurant chains. 

Tres Leches

Molten Chocolate Cake


At the end of our meal we were more than satisfied, we felt like part of the Gregoria’s Family.  We instantly began discussing the next time we would return. 

Gregoria’s Cuban Steakhouse offers more than just international cuisine but an exclusive experience you will not have anywhere else.  Come for the décor, the atmosphere, fresh ingredients, specialty dishes, and most if all the sincere customer service.  The staff at Gregoria’s is ready to welcome you into their home.

Haven’t tried Cuban Cuisine before and unsure what to try?  Checkout what General Manager, Micheal Edwards recommends.

“There are a couple of staples that anyone who is unfamiliar with Cuban food should try.  The Lechon Asado.  Think of Cuban barbecue.  The other is the Ropa Vieja.  Those are two staple dishes of Cuba I think we do exceptionally well.” 

Thank you to Michael and the Gregoria’s staff for the great hospitality.  We look forward to visiting you again!  

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Gregoria's Cuban Steakhouse

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