Strawberry Hack Instantly Makes Your Mushy Fruit as Good as New Again!

It's strawberry season in North Carolina and they are delicious right now! But we all get the mushy strawberries at the bottom of the bucket. Here's a hack to bring those mushy strawberries back to life!

We've all been there: You dig into a perfectly bright container of strawberries, only to pick off the top layer of perfect berries and see...wrinkly and spotty little fiends that don't exactly look appetizing. Thankfully, one Facebook user has shared a hack for making those little strawberries look as good as new.

Facebook user Brittany King shared this hack (though she noted we should actually be praising her friend Lilly!) that only involves a bucket of ice water.You're probably pretty familiar with this trick that can revive things like wilted greens, but it turns out it works with wilted strawberries too.

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