Why Husband Bought Wife 55,000 Dresses [VIDEO]

This is the largest dress collection in the world. Own buy Paul and Margot Brockmann.

But why? Read the sweet article below (New York Post)

Paul’s love affair with dressing Margot dates back to the night they met, at a dance hall in their native Germany. (Margot can’t remember the dress, but says “it was pretty nice, according to him.”)

“When I walked in, there was Margot,” Paul recalls. “We danced all night and we fell in love.”

Since then, he’s gifted her with dresses, most of them secondhand and vintage, in keeping with Paul’s love for the fashions of the ’50s. “That’s the time when they had wide skirts and petticoats,” he says. Most were bought at garage sales and closeouts. Paul even hooked up for a time with Sears: “When the styles were changing, they would call me up and sell me the dresses at a very reasonable price.”

So what does Margot think of all this?

“She’s not that much into dresses.”



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