Zaytoun Orthodontics Saved My Wedding Day

“Invisalign aligners are the clear alternative to metal braces for adults and teens. These clear aligners are the virtually invisible way to improve your smile.” Thank you

When you think of Invisalign, you think two clear trays that straighten your teeth. And while that is true, there is a key part of Invisalign that often gets overlooked: Attachments. I had no idea what “attachments” were until I started my treatment. Invisalign attachments are tooth-colored nobs that are attached to the front of some of your teeth (not all!) so that your Invisalign aligners can lock into place. You change your Invisalign aligners every 1-2 weeks but the attachments are permanently secured to your teeth throughout the duration of your treatment. Perhaps Invisalign attachments are overlooked because they are more invisible than the aligners. I don’t think my husband has even noticed the attachments on my teeth. It’s one of those things that only I notice. Well…me, and my wedding photographer.

I had my bridal portrait pictures taken a week before the Invisalign attachments were put on my teeth. My photographer knew I had just started my Invisalign journey because I was wearing “starter trays.” My first set of aligners, aka “starter trays,” only had a little bit of tooth movement in them. Their main purpose was to get my mouth acquainted with aligners, so it wasn’t necessary for me to get attachments for the first two weeks of my Invisalign journey.

My wedding photographer was relieved to see that the attachments weren’t in place on my teeth…yet. She had just shot a wedding with a bride who also had Invisalign. The bride didn’t wear aligners on her wedding day (I didn’t either) but she did have the Invisalign attachments on her teeth. As I mentioned before, Invisalign attachments are almost invisible to the untrained eye, but my photographer’s eye is good. Really good. She had to edit every single closeup picture of the bride because she could see the attachments on her teeth! Luckily, Zaytoun Orthodontics offered to take my attachments off before my wedding day. How amazing?! I’m so grateful for that, and I know my wedding photographer is too!  

I cannot thank Zaytoun Orthodontics enough for letting me pause my Invisalign Journey for the biggest day of my life. It meant so much me.

Now that I’m a married woman and back on my Invisalign Journey, look out for more smile updates on my Instagram @iHearCarson and on B93.9’s Instagram account @b939country. Stay connected with Zaytoun Orthodontics on social media too @ZaytounSmiles! And don’t forget, all of my listeners get $500 off ANY orthodontic treatment (Invisalign, traditional braces, etc.) when they use the promo code Z-Smile at Zaytoun Orthodontics! Want Invisalign? Do your kids need braces? USE THE CODE! Shout out to the 2 people who have already taken advantage of the deal and have started on their Invisalign journey!!! I don’t know your names (client-patient confidentiality) but I love ya and I’m SO excited for you! We’re doing this together! You’re going to love your experience and your smile.

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If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m an open book!

xoxo, Carson

Picture with Invisalign Attachments
Picture without attachments!


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