Carson's Sneak Peek Wedding Video!

When I started planning for our wedding, the first thing I booked was our photographer. She's amazing and I cannot wait to share all the pictures she captured! The last thing I booked was our videographer. My parents didn't think a wedding video was necessary so if I wanted a wedding videographer I would foot the bill. I'm a woman on a budget so I started shopping.

Here's what I discovered: Wedding Videos cost anywhere from $5k-$10k. Crazy, right? That's what I thought too but I'm a determined woman on a budget. I did find a couple of companies that had wedding video packages ranging from $2,500-$4K but that was still too pricey for me. ALL I WANT IS A 5-7 MINUTE VIDEO TO SHARE ON FACEBOOK AND CHERISH FOREVER, if I'm being honest. I don't need a 30 minute movie + 7-10 minute mini movie + 2 minute highlight video + sneak peek video, and that is what most of companies included in their packages. I'm a simple, determined woman on a budget.

Right when I was about to give up, my best friend Anna Martin, like the angel she is, introduced me to Sam Keel. I checked out his website and fell in love with the wedding videos he made. His videos were comparable to the companies charging $10K. Actually, his were better. And his price made this simple, determined, woman-on-a-budget very happy. Sam, you really should charge more. You are so worth it!

I showed my parents Sam's work and they LOVED the wedding videos that he had created. They loved it so much that they were gracious enough to foot the bill. WIN-WIN!

Zeke and I got married on May 12th and in Punta Cana on our Honeymoon when I received a text from Sam. It was a sneak peek video of our wedding!!! I didn't even know I was getting a sneak peek video! And, he sent it to me on May 15th, talk about a turnaround?!

Here's the sneak peak video! I cry every time I watch it. Seriously, this was the best day of my life. I couldn't be more thankful that Sam was there capturing all of it! We can't wait to see the full length video! 



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