10 Best Big US Cities to Launch a Business

List made by WalletHub "The site pulled out more than 180 large US cities and looked at 19 key metrics for each in three main categories: business environment, including the average length of workweek and five-year business survival rate; access to resources such as investors and venture capital; and business costs, including corporate taxes and how much it costs to rent office space."

  • Oklahoma City; 62.2
  • Austin, Texas; 61.2 
  • Sioux Falls, SD; 61.1
  • Missoula, Mont.; 60.5
  • Durham, NC; 59.7
  • Bismarck, ND; 59.6
  • Cheyenne, Wyo.; 59.2
  • Billings, Mont.; 59.2
  • Charlotte, NC; 59.2
  • Raleigh, NC; 59.1

See what other cities made the list here

I see you NC, I see you. 



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