Carson's Invisalign Journey!

My Invisalign Journey!

Remember how “cool” it was to have braces as a kid? The. Coolest. I remember wanting braces AND glasses at the same time. Braces + Glasses = The. Coolest. Ever.

I was fortunate enough not to need glasses but I did have braces. They were traditional wire braces and yes, I matched my bracket colors with the holidays and my rubber band colors with my outfits. I only had them for a year and a half. After braces came retainers…


Easier said than done, right? In retrospect, I should have worn my retainers religiously. My mom was right (how does she do that?). My teeth didn’t stay perfect long. Fifteen-ish years later and I’m back in braces! Unfortunately having braces as an adult isn’t as cool as having them when you’re a kid...

Luckily there is INVISALIGN! I started my Invisalign journey 2 weeks ago and no one has noticed, unless I tell them. After a long game of “Do you notice anything different about me?” I had to tell my fiancé that I was wearing Invisalign. He even guessed, “Did you do something to your lips? Are you trying to look like a Kardashian?” I took that accusation as a compliment. Invisalign, the natural lip plumper! Who knew? Totally kidding.     

I am SO excited to share with you my Invisalign journey at Zaytoun Orthodontics. The struggles, the progress, everything! Although my Invisalign journey is young, I know I made the right choice by getting Invisalign at Zaytoun Orthodontics. I know I’m in good hands and that I’m going to achieve my very best smile.  

Make sure you check out my Instagram story to see my entire experience! I update the “Invisalign” story frequently so keeping check back in to see my progress!

If you’ve been thinking about getting Invisalign, NOW is the time! Jon me! We can do this Invisalign journey together! And how can you pass up $500 off your treatment at Zaytoun Orthodontics? I know I couldn’t!

Zaytoun Orthodontics has three convenient locations in Raleigh, Cary and Garner. Give them a call! 919-782-6911 to schedule a free exam and consultation for new clients. Tell them you know about the PROMO CODE: Z-Smile to get $500 your treatment!

If you have any questions, I would love to answer them! Just comment below or shoot me a message on Instagram (iHearCarson).

xoxo, Carson

And now, a TOUR! Zaytoun Orthodontics (Raleigh office):

Zaytoun Orthodontics has been around since 1959. It is a family owned and operated practice with 3 generations of doctors with a combined experience of 105 years in Orthodontics!



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