29 Things Have Never Happened in March Madness

Keep these 29 things in mind when you're making your bracket!

Duke plays against North Carolina

The No. 1 seed loses its first game against a No. 16

The No. 1 seed plays against either a No. 15 or 14

An NCAA tournament game played in Nevada or Wyoming

A team seeded lower than No. 11 in the Final Four

A team seeded No. 9 or lower in the national championship game

All three Final Four games - not counting the late, great third-place contest - go into overtime

A freshman scores 35 or more points in a Final Four game

Schools from Maine or Alaska in the NCAA tournament

A player makes 10 or more field goals in a Final Four game without missing a shot

A triple-double in the Final Four since assists became an official statistic in 1984

A No. 5 seed wins the national championship

An Elite Eight without a single No. 1 seed

A team earns an NCAA tournament bid for 30 consecutive years

Nebraska wins an NCAA tournament game

A team enters the tournament with a .500 record, and then wins a game

A guy hits three game-winning buzzer-beaters in the same tournament

Xavier as a No. 1 seed

Notre Dame wins a Final Four game

A school with the main team color of yellow plays a team with the main color of brown

A national championship game between two teams from the same state besides Ohio

A coach with a beard wins the national championship

A coach takes six different schools to the tournament

BYU in the Final Four

The nation's leading scorer plays in the Final Four, since the introduction of the 3-point shot in 1987

A man who started in the national championship game as a player later wins it as coach

A championship title game appearance by Alabama, USC, Notre Dame, Nebraska or Miami

A man coaches a national champion before the age of 30

 A man coaches a national champion past the age of 70

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