Identical Twin Brothers Propose to Identical Twin Sisters Same Day

There is a special bond between twins- no doubt about that! I don't know from experience but I am marrying a twin. However my fiance has a twin sister so obviously they aren't identical. I think the bond between identical twins is on another level of closeness. A relationship that only identical twins can understand. I think it's cute and fitting that identical twin brothers are marrying identical twin sisters. But proposing on the same day at the same time? I think that's something that only other identical twins can appreciate. I wouldn't want it for myself but again, I'm not a twin.

Did they propose with matching rings? That's my only question.

Here's the story from The News & Advance 

VIRGINIA - Ever since they were little girls, twins Briana and Brittany Deane dreamt they would one day meet their double dose of Prince Charming together.

After that dream came true in August 2017 when the Sweet Briar College graduates met Josh and Jeremy Salyers, a special moment followed on Feb. 2 when the twin brothers dropped to one knee and proposed.

The special occasion took place at Twin Lakes State Park in Prince Edward County when the brothers told the sisters they were filming a promotional commercial, leading the two to dress in matching gowns, Brittany recalled in a phone interview. A camera crew followed the two couples, including the brothers in their handsome suits, and suddenly they heard a director call “Action!” and Josh and Jeremy popped the question simultaneously. 

“Of course, it was an easy question,” Brittany said with a laugh of saying yes. “They got us pretty good.”

The parallel romance is a journey they always felt they would take together, according to the sisters who graduated from Sweet Briar in 2008.

“We were always ‘the twins’ and longed for the opportunity to meet other twins,” Briana said.

Their father had long told them about an annual gathering known as The Twin Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, said Briana.

The sisters, 31, both licensed attorneys, said their first year of law school they decided to attend the festival and found it a deeply enriching experience.

“We call it the twin family,” Brittany said. “It’s wonderful to go there every year. It’s a magical place, we think.”

Six years later after their first visit, they met their future husbands who in 2017 attended for the event for their first time.

Josh said he and Jeremy had heard about the gathering for much of their lives and in the back of their minds felt they would find love there.

“We very much lucked out on our first attempt,” he said. “We found our twins there. It’s been a dream since then.”

The sisters are busy planning their joint wedding planned for Aug. 4 in Twinsburg, an event that will include some friends and bridesmaids from Sweet Briar, said Briana.

After graduating, splitting up for the first time in their lives to attend different law schools and starting their legal careers, the sisters became dedicated in 2015 to the movement to save Sweet Briar when a previous administration sought to close it. They were involved in public relations during the grassroots effort that poured in financial support from throughout the country, Briana said.

Like a multitude of Sweet Briar graduates and supporters, they breathed a sigh of relief when a legal settlement was reached in the summer of 2015 to keep the college open.

The two worked in college admissions at Sweet Briar during a transitional year for the school in 2016.

“Women’s colleges are very important to us,” Briana said. “We’re hoping for the best for the school.”

Jeremy said the rarity of twin siblings finding another set of twins is a fateful encounter the brothers are lucky and blessed to have found.

“We’ve always known we were destined to find them,” he said.

Brittany said even when some said the hope of falling for twin siblings seemed unrealistic, the two remained hopeful and are thrilled to share the most important day of their lives.

“We’ve come a long way together,” Brittany said.



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