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Finding the perfect dress is super important to me. My wedding planner (yes, we have a wedding planner; she’s a great family friend and story for another blog) asked me what my top three most important things were for my wedding. I told her the band (check!), the alcohol, and my dress. 

Now, I'm pretty self-actualized so I knew it was either going to be the first dress I tried on or the 100th dress I tried on; there would be no in between for me. Apparently, I don't know myself well enough because it wasn’t the first dress and it definitely wasn't the 100th dress but it was somewhere in between. More like the 18th out of 54… 

I've tried on wedding dresses at seven different stores, so far. I don’t know what type of person you have to be to try on wedding dresses at multiple locations and love every minute of it, but that is most certainly not me. It’s exhausting and confusing (and slightly embarrassing considering I almost had a Bridesmaids moment. If you’ve seen the movie you don’t have to think too hard. I apologize for even bringing it up). At first, I didn't know exactly what style I was looking for. My Pinterest board is all over the place. Boho sleeves? Traditional lace? JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. So the first few stores were trial and error until I figured out what style I was going for. The only constant was my request to not try on an all-lace, form fitting dress with a sweetheart neckline. This style dress is beautiful and definitely one I could see myself in, but I've been to so many weddings where the bride wore a variation of this dress. So, why not borrow a friend’s dress? Say I won’t. No really, I won’t. I want to find my very own dress that reflects my very own special style. 

I finally had an epiphany when I was seriously considering buying a dress similar to the one described above. I looked, and more importantly, felt, great in the dress, but I came in saying I did not want this particular style. The prom dress I wore my sophomore year was almost identical to the dress I was considering. It was more prom than bridal but it was a white fitted dress with a sweetheart neckline. Of course it had sequins, beading and glitter (what prom dress didn’t?). The only difference from my sophomore year prom dress and the wedding and that I had on was the lace. I made a decision right then and there that I could wear this type of dress to any formal occasion but I could never wear an A-line or ballgown dress to any formal occasion. That style of dress could only really fly at my wedding. So, if you thought I was the last person to wear a (almost) princess dress to my wedding...you we’re wrong. I am wearing a princess dress to my wedding. It's so not me but at the same time it is SO me. My mom told me I look like a woodland fairy nymph in the dress. That pretty much sealed the deal. I'm not going for the Disney Princess look, but a woodland fairy nymph? I can get down with that. 

So last weekend I drove to North Carolina to go wedding dress shopping with my mom. I couldn't deprive her of that! I knew I wouldn't buy a dress in North Carolina because when the dress comes in you have to have fittings, and I don't have the time or vacation days to go to North Carolina every 3 to 4 weeks to take care of that. My plan was to find a dress in North Carolina and then come back to Pittsburgh and purchase the dress at a bridal salon that carried the same designer. 

I haven't bought the dress in Pittsburgh yet, but I'm about a week away from doing so. I also don't want to give away what dress I picked, even though the chances of Zeke reading this blog post are slim but you never know! I don't know if it's bad luck to show everyone what wedding dresses I'm considering? Honestly I don’t care who sees! The only thing I care about is how I feel in the dress and Zeke’s reaction when I walk down the aisle. 

There were a few bridal salons that let me take pictures of the dresses I tried on and there were a few that did not (so Is my wedding dress even pictured? You'll find out on May 12, 2018). Of course there are legal issues when it comes to posting pictures of dresses but hey, you let me take pictures of myself in the dresses at your bridal salon: Come at me bro. I’m also not as tough as I write so I captioned each picture with the designer who makes the dress.

Time to make things interesting! Vote for your favorite dress by commenting on my Facebook post!














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