#BrideBlog 5

I did a whole blog post on the "bridesmaid proposal" (#BrideBlog 2) but I haven't written about the actual proposal. Who am I?!

I am still in awe of Zeke's proposal. When I say, "I had no idea," I seriously had no idea. I know a lot of girls say that, but really they kind of knew the proposal was coming. Not me. I had zero clue. Getting engaged was something we talked about and I thought we were on the same page about. I didn't think it would be financially fisable for us for at least another year. Well, that's what Zeke had me believing. He always said he was going to ask me when I least expected it. He wanted it to be the surprise of my life. Round of applause for Zeke everyone! Mission accomplished. He absolutely nailed it.   



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