Mysterious Shape-Shifting Ghost Captured In Eerie Security Cam Footage

Photo: Dave Basner

Dogs are great pets because they can sense when there is danger around, barking if a stranger approaches your home, but they might be able to sense other things too, things that humans are not be able to. That just might be what happened in Minnesota when Cory Fletcher's pup Diva started barking at the door. Typically, this means there is someone outside, but when Cory went out to look, he didn't see anyone or anything that might make Diva bark, but then he checked the security camera footage and was spooked by what was there.

The video starts out with nothing going on, but then, after about 30 seconds, a streak of light enters the frame from the left and as it moves towards the right, it takes the shape of a person walking, only that figure is eerily translucent.

Skeptics will point out that it is clearly a person, but Cory's camera has some high tech features, including the ability to detect humans and animals. When it does, it circles them, yet nothing is circled in the footage.

Cory told The Mirror, "I really don't know what this was! No person was seen walking and I saw nothing with my own eyes. The camera caught this translucent figure. Was it an angel, a demon, something unknown to us? There was no human detection signature on the camera. You can see these streaks behind it and then it appears as a full apparition with an orb following it near the ground."

Some people were blown away by the footage, but others weren't convinced, writing it off to editing software or the camera's poor night vision.

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