[LISTEN] Jana Kramer's New Song Addresses Her Husband's Infidelity

Jana Kramer's life has changed a lot in the last 3 years. 3 years ago, in 2016, she announced that her and her husband, Mike Caussin, had separated due to infidelity. Mike has since gone treatment in a rehab facility for his sex addiction, and the couple have gotten back together. Jana and Mike have also added another child to their family, a little boy named Jace, making them a family of 4 with daughter Jolie. They've been very public about their marriage and their problems, and have even addressed it all in her podcast, Whine Down.

Her new song, "Beautiful Lies," addresses the way she felt during their break in 2016.

She tells PEOPLE:

“I just remember sitting in the studio and being like, ‘I want to try to explain the best way that I can how I felt in this moment when I found out about everything,'” Kramer, 35, tells PEOPLE. “This song is exactly what happened with the break, and for my husband and I. In that moment where I found out about everything, I felt like the whole world was just spinning — like everything was just flipped upside down and it was this awful nightmare.”

“In that moment, I didn’t want to believe that it was true and so instead I wished I would’ve been told some beautiful lies to cover up what was going on,” she continues of the song’s inspiration. “With the songs I’m going to release later this year, I want to tell the story from the break to healing.”

Check out her full interview with PEOPLE HERE and check out the song below.

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