Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas Starts October 27th!

Call me cheesy.  Call me a hopeless romantic.  Call me whatever you want.  Just don't call me during Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas. I'm busy. 

Hallmark has released their Countdown to Christmas calendar, and the countdown officially begins on October 27th!  You can watch Christmas movies and eat Halloween candy.  It's basically, well, like Christmas! 

There's a ton of my favorite actors in these new flicks. I mean, Chad Michael Murray, Kellie Pickler, Wes Brown, Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure...what else do you want from life?!  

I don't care that they are all basically the same movie.  I will watch Hannah struggle to keep her mom's bakery open because she passed away 3 years ago and the only way to save it is to compete in a town bake off with the enemy store who happens to be ran by the hottest guy ever, Chad, who she went to school with and has never liked but they find a common ground in each other and fall in love through cinnamon rolls.  Sign me up. EVERY. TIME. 

Here's a list of the complete line-up for this year.  Find out more about all the movies (and they all look so good!) HERE

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