If You Do Anything Today, Watch This New Jackie Lee Video

Jackie Lee has had a long year.

That's the name of his new song, and a testament of what he's gone through in the last 18 or so months. 

I met Jackie probably 3 (maybe 4?!) years ago and loved his spirit from the start.  He's got a smile that's infectious.  And the boy can SING.

He's the guy that always tells you Merry Christmas.  Who congratulated me when I had Xander.  And he's just revealed to us that he's beaten cancer.  Twice.

When you combine that with parting ways with his record company, breaking it off with his long time girlfriend, and the worst of all, losing his mom to ovarian cancer, he's had a long year.

So when he sat down with Sean McConnell and Barry Dean in a writing session, he told the story.  And it's beautiful.

Check out the inspiring video (that had me in tears) below and the rest of his story HERE

And your smile is still amazing, curly hair or no hair at all. 

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