Kim Kardashian Posts Nude Pic Disguised By Fragrance Ad

Kim Kardashian West is at it again.  She posted in her Instagram story about 3 hours ago a picture of her body broken into two parts, the top half and the bottom half, as part of her advertising campaign for her new fragrance.  She lead the story posts with this picture. 


I've said this before, she has an incredible body.  I'd probably want to show it off if I had her body, too.  But these pictures are basically Playboy.  If you want to be naked, then just be naked.  Don't hide behind the ruse of a fragrance ad.  But hey, she's doing what I believe she set out to do.  We're all talking about it, and now we all know she has a new fragrance coming out.  I guess you'd call that a successful ad campaign. 


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