Time Traveler Claiming to be from 2030 PASSES Lie Detector

A man claiming to be from the year 2030 has passed a lie detector test.  A lot of his stories seem a little cray...which I would expect from someone who says they're from 12 years in the future. 

The YouTube video, posted by Apex TV, has blurred the man's face, distorted his voice, and withheld his name to protect his identity.  

He makes several claims from the future, including that Donald Trump will get re-elected, that AI will take over (specifically saying "Google-glass style robotics will spread across the world" and that technology will have developed to the point that it can run a household), Bitcoin will become increasingly more popular, although we'll still use pennies and cents, there are many forms of cancer that have been cured (I'm completely in support of this claim), and that in 2030 he says the US President is a mysterious figure called Ilana Remikee. 

He also claims that global warming will have caused North American temperatures to warm while Europe has cooled, and that humans will reach Mars in 2028, the same year time travel is developed.  

While the man looks quite young, he says he's actually a 50 year old who has taken an age rejuvenation drug who has made him appear 25. (I'm actually kind of okay with this one too...I've got some crows feet that I would like to go bye bye haha.)

The video shows him passing the lie detector test about his story.  He states he put his life at risk to come here and tell us about the future, and that he has proof that he is telling the truth.  The lie detector also says that statement is true. 

What do you think?  Could he be legit or full of bologna (and by the way, I sang the Oscar Mayer song to spell that.)

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