I Know The Guy In The Jimmy Kimmel Skit

Fun fact: Before I was a radio personality, I was a high school teacher.

Well, actually, at the same time haha.  While I was working part time, doing all the crap shifts that no one wanted, and basically being the station do-all, I was also a high school teacher.

I was an assistant speech and debate coach and helped with the theatre program just outside of Dallas, TX at Princeton High School.  I worked with an incredible man there named Jimmy Smith, and I am so thankful for him and the opportunities he gave me.  I learned a lot about mentoring, guiding people, encouraging them while helping them focus...all things I still try to use in my work today as a Program Director.  

One of the things I loved most about that job was the kids I taught.  It was such an incredible feeling to watch them win tournaments and perfect their craft.  I'm friends with a lot of them on Facebook now, and it's so much fun to see them having families and pursuing their dreams in whatever they decided to do.  They were all such incredible young people, and I cherish those few years I was able to be a part of it.

So, you know how everyone has that one person that they say..."I know Matt Damon's mom..." or "My high school math teacher's son dated Katie Holmes." Whatever your seven degrees of Kevin Bacon separation is, mine is "I know the guy in the Jimmy Kimmel skit."  

His name is Chris, and he was one of my students in TX.  The first time I saw him on TV, he was doing an eHarmony commercial.  (He's the guy in the red jersey at the restaurant.)

Then he was the guy saying "no no no" and eating pizza in the Google ad during the Super Bowl.

Now he's the guy in the Jimmy Kimmel skit.  Chris is Arthur, who is made to leave the restaurant.

I can't wait to see what you're going to be next, and I'm so incredibly proud of you for never giving up on your dream.  

Oh, and Chris, I'd come over and see your rats any time you want. 

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