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CareerBuilder spoke to 2,000 people that hire and asked them what works, and what doesn't. 

Let's start with what you shouldn't do from what people have actually done during interviews:

  1. The candidate interviewed in a clown suit
  2. The candidate back-flipped into the room
  3. The candidate sent a shoe to the manager hoping to "get a foot in the door"
  4. The candidate found the interviewer's online shopping list and bought items from it
  5. The candidate read an interviewer's tarot cards

For better success during an interview, try these

  1. The candidate rented a billboard outside his future office
  2. The candidate requested that his interview be conducted in spanish
  3. The candidate put his resume on a bar of chocolate
  4. The candidate created a wedding-style invitation in place of a cover letter that welcomed the employer to hire her
  5. The candidate fixed a piece of office equipment while on his first interview

What's the craziest thing you tried during an interview... did it work, or was it a big dud?