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After a number of albums, countless shows, and hundreds of thousands of fans, Kaskade continues to touch people all over the world with his music. Recently, Kaskade - real name Ryan Raddon - released a new single "Atmosphere" in which he showcases another side of his talents, lending his vocals to a track he has produced for the first time. 

Ryan says, "It's a very personal song and I thought it’s only appropriate that I sing it. It's written about me and my life, and my experience. So although all my songs are like that, this particular one is very personal."

And this may not be the last that fans hear of Ryan's voice! He tells iHeartRadio, "The reception's been so great. Everybody’s like, 'I love your voice.' I’m like really? Oh, okay, yeah I guess I'll start singing more songs."

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Recently announced plans of a new tour to support his new album, Atmosphere, has his fans very excited for its September 2013 release. Ryan will be bringing his Atmosphere tour to New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago this fall. Big Rooms, small tour!

Kaskade stopped by iHeartRadio HQ recently, where he was kind enough to answer questions from fans. He also did a little a capella version of his new single "Atmosphere" with Paul the Web Guy! Check it all out below:

KASKADE: It definitely changes from record to record. I always kind of draw upon life experiences and what's currently going on in my life. You write records about what's happening to you. Or I do, anyway. Whatever's going on with my life. Sometimes I'm thinking about old things [that] happened in high school or whatever other experiences, but something has to happen that day to trigger a thought about something in high school, like meeting an old friend and then remembering something that we did together. So it's always just about telling a story about what's going on in your life at the time. 

KASKADE: Yes new stage, new visuals, new everything, and much bigger. 

KASKADE: Working with Skrillex was awesome. He's an amazing kid, very talented and has crazy ideas. What was it like working with him? Easy. I mean, I just sent him a bunch of ideas, like, 'Hey, man, what do you think of this?' and he sent me the ideas back, and it was very seamless and fun. And I hope to work with him sometime again, yeah.

KASKADE: I just liked the sound of it. I was just searching around for a word that seemed to fit what I was doing, and that jumped out at me, and I just went with it, and here we are. Thirteen years later, 14 years later, yeah.

KASKADE: I loved music, and I loved fiddling around with it and when I was going to college it just kinda was a hobby, a very passionate hobby. So I started making music, kinda just on the side and not thinking anything would happened with it. When I graduated, it seemed a lot more fun to just continue to make music, so I just kinda kept doing that, and now I'm here. My favorite artists that are non-electronic? Well, I'm really liking what Lana del Rey is doing right now. I just recently remixed one of her songs, which is an honor since she's so cool. Ellie Goulding, I mean, I listen to everything. 

KASKADE: Probably EDC 2009, Electric Daisy Carnival 2009, main stage. That was a very memorable moment. But I have, like, maybe a couple of dozen moments like that, but that one was extremely special. 

KASKADE: Well, I tour so much. So, typically, when I'm not performing, I don't listen to my own music very much. I mean, when I finish an album I’ll listen to it for a while afterwards to make sure that I'm really finished. I mean I have been listening to the Atmosphere album for a little while. But then, yeah, then I take a break 'cause I hear this stuff every night. I mean, I play three or four shows a week, so when I'm not playing shows, I listen to other stuff like alternative music, or indie, or rock, or whatever hip hop, anything.

 I don't really have a favorite. People ask me all the time. That’s like asking a parent what's your favorite child? Like, maybe secretly you have one but you would never say to the other kids who might get jealous. I don't have a favorite. I love them all. 

KASKADE: Twitter, @Kaskade.

iHeartRadio: Do you ever receive anything unusual from fans?

KASKADE: All the time. I mean, I get a lot of like nice things. People make kandi and chains and bracelets and like, nice things. But then there's the occasional weird thing, yeah.

KASKADE: My whole existence right now is Atmosphere. Atmosphere, the tour; Atmosphere, the album; Atmosphere, the single, ahhhh yes, I am extremely excited. I mean, I've already been planning. It's been in the planning stages for two months. I have been working on the show for the last couple of weeks, and the first show is like in ten weeks. So yeah I am very excited!

KASKADE: Well, I like all things potato, actually. So French fries, curly fries, both. Mashed potato, baked potato, I like it all.

Check out Kaskade's official music video for his new single "Atmosphere."

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