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(NEWSER– Stephen Colbert scored a major coup in snagging so-hot-this-summer Daft Punk to appear on his show last night. Except the duo bailed (apparently at 2pm Monday) because of some legalese related to their upcoming "surprise" MTV Video Music Awards appearance that prevented them from showing up on TV before the big night.

So, oh no! A show with no celebs/music? Hardly. Colbert played their big hit, "Get Lucky," on the show—via a music video for the song that featured a lip-syncing/dancing Colbert and a slew of lip-syncing/dancing celebs.

Among them: Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Nick Cannon, Henry Kissinger (!), and a bearded Jon Stewart. (The all-maleness was rounded out by an appearance by the Rockettes.) Funny side note: Colbert also read from an email allegedly written by MTV President Van Toffler regarding permitting Daft Punk to appear on the show. Sample line: "Checked with my peeps and will check again but they’re feelin’ funky on this one."

Check out the video!

Don't worry, Robin Thicke stepped in to save the day in Daft Punk's absence. Check out what went down: