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Lady Gaga is not being very lady-like as she continues to promote ARTPOP around the world. 

The star stopped by a nightclub in London on Saturday for a surprise performance, and had one huge surprise up her sleeve.  According to accounts from attendees given to the "Daily Mirror," just as the Mother Monster started singing her new single "Venus," she lifted up her long, white gown and flashed her Lady Gaga parts to the whole audience. 

Pictures from Twitter users show that she later did away with the dress entirely, removing it down past her waist as the song went on.  

Meantime, in an interview with German newspaper "Blid," Gaga is talking about being stuck in a wheelchair earlier this year after her tour-ending hip injury.  She confesses that she "turned to drugs and alcohol" at the time.  The singer tells fans not to "do the same" as she's feeling "pure" and "sheer happy" now that she's recovered. 

Photo Credit Splash News