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Miley Cyrus seems to have lost her clothes on the set of a music video, yet again. 

This time, the singer is appearing in a video for her friend and collaborator rapper Future.  She is featured on a song off his upcoming album called "Real and True."  

"E! News" has released several stills from the futuristic-themed video, which will be premiering on Friday.  In the photos, Miley appears to be covered head-to-toe in metallic silver body paint, and very little else.  She's seen laying face up on what seems like some sort of operating table, with Future standing over her.  


The rapper recently sang Miley's praises in an interview with "MTV."  He spoke about the time they spent in the studio, saying the 20-year-old opened up to him about her personal troubles and that the two made songs that are "very touching." 

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