Last night a group of Triangle residents convened at CAM Raleigh for the premiere of #FIBEREDUP the movie.  The documentary will be a part of the City of Raleigh’s official response to Google’s search for the right city to receive Google Fiber.  Google Fiber is believed to be the world’s fastest internet and TV connection.


Arik Abel and his team produced a documentary that truly captures the essence of life in the Triangle and how the internet affects everyday life.  Sometimes we forget how much we rely on technology.  Our babies and toddlers may not know how the internet works, but they know how to scream when videos take too long to buffer on the iPad. 


With a shortage of text books, our school systems are increasing online learning.  Students are using Google heavily to do research for school projects and writing assignments. 


The Raleigh Digital Connectors, a group of young tech savvy instructors are sharing their knowledge with members of the community who may not have access to the internet or a PC.  A volunteer describes her experience teaching a Senior Citizen how to type.  If Google chooses the Triangle there will be the opportunity for certain populations to receive free internet. 


Raleigh-Durham is saturated with remote employees, tech-startups, and various other entrepreneurial businesses.  Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ are all platforms businesses use to promote products and services.  Companies and clients are communicating every minute over the internet on conference calls and Google Hangouts.    


#FIBEREDUP the movie touches on the three key aspects of life.  Family, education, and business are all influenced by our interaction with the internet.  Join the movement and get #FIBEREDUP by sharing the movie link and spreading the word about our great city.  This is an amazing illustration of the unique and diversified community we live in and I’m very happy to have been a part of this project.  Bring on the FIBER!!!!






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